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Suite 6, 44 Perouse Road

Randwick, NSW 2031


(Entrance off St Pauls St., opposite Kutosh cafe. White cottage, first floor)


Parking can be tricky but there is a parking station next to the Ritz Cinema in St. Paul's st.


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0418 413 912 



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About Penny Short


Penny has been working with Energy as a Practitioner for 15 years. She enjoys a full-time Practice in Sydney’s ‘The Spot’ Randwick .


For many years, Penny was a Preschool and Primary teacher until she had a life changing experience in 1996.


Penny felt a strong pull to teach and live in a remote Aboriginal Community in North-East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. For 2 years she was the teacher and learner in this community, living and working with Aboriginal families, their food, language, dance and culture. This extraordinary experience opened her eyes to the ‘reality’ of the metaphysical and to the true meaning of living spiritually.


She eventually returned to Sydney and began to study Energy Healing.  After 2 years of study, she put some of these principles into practice as she worked full-time for the homeless and those living in squalor.


Using Space Clearing techniques, gentle energy healing principles and some compassionate conversations, she was able to bring many of her clients to a more fulfilling way of life.


Inspired by her experiences, Penny continued to study with a range of teachers from different traditions and philosophies.


Penny now shares these ideologies, practices and principles in her sessions and workshops and continues to be inspired by people's journeys.


You are welcome to find out more through this interview.




Julie Sullivan
Introducing Julie Sullivan to the True Frequency team. She is a very kind, wise, thoughtful and perceptive Energetic Healer.
I have know Julie for 15 years and we trained together in Energetic Alignment. She has also completed Energetic Healing courses in QLD as well as within the True Frequency training programs.
Julie brings her healing skills as well as her SCIO (biofeedback device) for SPACE CLEARING . This  allows her to clear the energy in a house / office, remotely with only her need for the address and not a personal visit. It can also be used to clear and balance personal energy if you can't make it to the clinic. Julie has had wonderful results in her space clearing within the 2 hour session. You can also contact her directly on 0417290717