Anxiety and Depression

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There seems to be a large number of folks experiencing  anxiety and depression in various degrees at the moment. Sadly, depression is becoming more and more common and affect both the young and the old.

Seasonal change, stress, fatigue, biochemistry, high EMR exposure, distorted energy field and emotional stories can all play a role.

What can help …

  • Give yourself a break from alcohol (even though it may be your short term comforter). Alcohol merges the emotional and mental fields so that grounded feeling is more difficult to attain - even the next day. This builds up and finding "ground" becomes more difficult. It also compromises the liver and we need a happy liver to help us detoxify.
  • Check in with you B group vitamins, magnesium and zinc levels.
  • Soak in some sunlight - Vitamin D can help with bouyancy and sleep
  • Listen to music of the right frequency. (You might find this article interesting - Why you should convert your music frequency to A=432 Hz)
  • Clean out and balance your energy (to make sure you aren't carrying someone's stress). An energy session can help to balance the lower chakras where a lot of the anxiety builds.
  • Get some quality sleep and go lightly on the sugar and carbs.
  • Give yourself time to meditate daily.

Depression is a condition that needs attention. If you or anyone you know suffer from depression or anxiety, seek help. This can be sorted by seeing the right Practitioners and Therapists.

A good book on this subject is by Dr. Kelly Brogan, 'A Mind of Your Own'.