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Suite 6, 44 Perouse Road

Randwick, NSW 2031


(Entrance off St Pauls St., opposite Kutosh cafe. White cottage, first floor)


Parking can be tricky but there is a parking station next to the Ritz Cinema in St. Paul's st.


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Meditation Course 2019

Understanding and Managing your Chakras (new course)
This 7 session course opens our eyes to our own inner power. We gain insight into how our energy works, how well it flows, what a ‘block' is and how to release it, what comprises our subtle anatomy and how to be the ‘Boss’ of your own energy field. 
Beginning: This will be offered as an online course from May 2019
Over the 7 weeks the aim is to:
  • Learn tools for self clearing and stabilisation
  • Reveal talents and wisdoms
  • Harnass passions and purposes
  • Heal past stories and beliefs
  • Strengthen connection with your Inner Self and others 
Week 1: Revise the purpose of meditation and learn useful techniques; discovering the Shushumna (central column of energy that runs through the body) meditation and a relaxation meditation
Week 1: Understanding & clearing the layers of our Aura, accessing and working with our Spirit Guides and learning simple healing techniques
Week 2: Aligning and stabilising the Base chakra, becoming clear on support networks, journey to our Earth Star to enjoy a deeper connection with our Earth
Week 2: Connecting to the sexuality within our Sacral chakra, becoming aware of partnerships, magnetism and emotion
Week 3: Exploring the personal power within the Solar Plexus, bringing forward natural power and accessing 'knowingness'
Week 3: Moving into the Heart and connecting with the range of feelings and the essence of us
Week 4: Opening to the expression of the Throat chakra, sitting with the sensation of truth with self and how that moves into daily life
Week 5: Acknowledging perception within the 3rd Eye, connecting the meaning of this and exploring our vision for the future.
Week 6: Connecting to the inspiration of the Crown (the corridor to our Higher Self) and experiencing the divine nature of the self and its true inspiration
Week 7: Sitting in the space of the Self, using breath and stillness to engage with inner wisdom



“This meditation course was definitely a catalyst for change! With Penny’s warmth, support and wonderful energy, I found it easy to build meditation into my life. In 10 weeks, I feel healthier, happier and have more energy for life.”


- Sarah (Lawyer)