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Suite 6, 44 Perouse Road

Randwick, NSW 2031


(Entrance off St Pauls St., opposite Kutosh cafe. White cottage, first floor)


Parking can be tricky but there is a parking station next to the Ritz Cinema in St. Paul's st.


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0418 413 912 



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 Metaphysics Of  Business

A Course to Mesh Metaphysical Concepts into your Business


This course will be offered online from Sept 2019



This course is for current and upcoming business owners. Can also be useful for those working in a leadership position within a business.


Course outline:


Week 1: Creation in the new paradigm: understanding 5th dimensional frequency and harnessing the freedom and flow within this zone


Week 2: Identifying your signature: looking at the process of creation from understanding the power and velocity of the heart space through giving and receiving


Week 3: Building magnetics: working directly with our own magnetic line and learning how to activate it, heal it, project it, build its strength. This line is essential in the law of attraction


Week 4: Identifying the team: calling to you, your team in a range of dimensions


Week 5: Anchoring consciousness: looking at the 3 main areas of life that impact the

anchoring of a chosen consciousness in our field


Week 6: Building energy: uncovering the blocks in energy so the velocity is fluid


Week 7: Owning the business: identifying how and why you and your business are one frequency


Week 8: Sequence through time: using the concept of time travel to bring a sequence into play


Week 9: Unlocking promotion: using a range of energies to create promotion materials 


If you require any further information or wish to book, please contact Penny on 0418413912




“I absolutely loved Penny's Metaphysics of Business Course!  The course gave me knowledge and the 'how' to help my business move forward in a very practical, supportive and uplifting way.  I feel more focused and clear on the direction of my business (and myself) than ever before.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to create a new business or improve their existing business”
- Justine Watt (New Leaf Healing)


“Thank you so much for the inspiring Metaphysics of Business course.  It helped me to clarify the way that I work. To work with more authenticity. To really listen with more than my ears to what my clients really wanted to say and do. My path changed during the course and that was because I was safely able to explore the alternatives that were available to me and choose what suited me best at that time”
- Amanda (Amagio Consulting)