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Randwick, NSW 2031


(Entrance off St Pauls St., opposite Kutosh cafe. White cottage, first floor)


Parking can be tricky but there is a parking station next to the Ritz Cinema in St. Paul's st.


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Energetic Alignment Training - Two Day Workshop

If you have completed the Energetic Alignment series of 12 sessions, then you would know how powerful this process is!!


You can learn to give this process to your family and friends over these 2 days and discover the true meaning behind each of the sessions.


 Date: Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March 2020


Time :  Saturday 9-1pm AND Sunday 9- 4pm

Course duration: Two Day workshop (All course notes included and email / phone support )


Investment: $660 Incl GST


Location: Cnr Justin St & Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield (Unwind Chiropractic Clinic)


This is a fabulous weekend where a lot of what happened during YOUR Energetic Alignment process makes sense for you. 

This weekend is not just for those who wish to be practitioners , it is as though it is a 'session 13' where things 'land' for you in understanding the dimensional aspect of our Energy Body.


To BOOK any of these workshops, please click on the pink tab at the base of this page and follow link to the workshops. 

Introduction to Energy Healing - One Day Workshop


Would you like to strengthen your innate ability to feel, experience & work with energies?
Would you like to gain clarity about how YOU work with energy naturally?
Would you like to understand more about the body’s Energy System?



Date:  Sunday 9th February 2020


Time: 9am- 4pm

Course duration: One Day workshop (All course notes included)

Investment: $330 Incl GST


Location: Cnr Justin St & Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield (Unwind Chiropractic Clinic) 

Come and experience the benefits of working with energy. You will walk away with a clear understanding of the body’s basic energy systems, learn tools to help your family & friends and discover how to work on ourselves.


We will discuss and have ‘hands on’ experiences with chakras, the auric field and the central column of energy. You will be able to explore the way you work with energy. This is a very practical workshop.

  • Assist in awakening your innate ability to feel, experience & work with energies
  • Assist in awakening your inner knowingness of how to work
  • As each topic has a practical element – everyone will enjoy a deep energy healing

Course Content:

  • What is the energy body? Why do I need to know?
  • Unravelling the thought “But I can’t feel energies” and discovering how we work
  • Understanding & experiencing the chakras and their role
  • Understanding the shushumna (the central column of energy), its purpose & its connection to the light body
  • Use of colour in healing
  • The auric field, its layers, holes & healing
  • Understanding and balancing the Earth Star – the holder of information
  • Understanding and balancing the Transpersonal Point – the link
  • Instilling confidence and certainty that you ‘Can Do’!


NB: It is recommended that no alcohol be consumed 24hrs before the commencement of the course and no active plans for the Sunday night.


To BOOK any of these workshops, please click on the pink tab at the base of this page and follow link to the workshops. 



“I just had a major career change and only after today did I realise how much negative energy I was carrying from an unhealthy working environment. Penny is a master in her field - the course is practical and profoundly beneficial with techniques I will definitely use.”

-Laura (artist)


“A fantastic day to find vitality and balance without coming through the mind. It opens the subtler senses and deepens connection to each other and to the Universe and to life! Penny is a remarkable healer with extensive knowledge backed up by practical experience and that essential ingredient that is essential in all alchemy.. Love.”

- Zoe (actress)


“I found belief that I am capable of feeling others and myself on a real deep level. Most of what I felt was immense Love that can heal everything.”

- Roseanne (Mother)


“Penny’s workshop is more than informative, it is illuminating, shedding light on areas that after discussion and workshop, feel free. A beautiful experience. I hope to repeat it.”

- Raf (Musician)


“The energies workshop helped me enormously to disconnect from what has been a very hectic last few weeks. It reminded me of who I REALLY am and the softness that lies at my core. When you are practicing it becomes so obvious that we are made up of various energies and these need to be loved and taken care of. It again reminds me of how easily we lose sight of this when confronted with the rigours of daily life. I will be back.”
-Damon (actor)

Identity Revealed 

SO.... Are we just moving through life and coincidentally having similar experiences to our parents, siblings or friends ? Are we clear on the nature of the Eternal Self, the genetic profile, the archetypes, the cultural influences and the other subtle forces at play that drive us?

This is an opportunity to have a look at these influences and many more that subconsciously determine how we see ourselves and what choices we make.



Date:  3 Monday evenings  17th Feb; 24th Feb; 2nd March


Time: 7pm -9:30pm

Course duration: 3 evenings (All course notes included)

Investment: $180 Incl GST


Location: Level 1, 25 Belmore Rd Randwick




To BOOK any of these workshops, please click on the pink tab at the base of this page and follow link to the workshops. 



See you there.

Penny xxxxx