These are different to chakras. They are commonly known as the centres of Qi or life force energy and store energy. Chakras act as portals where communication and information is in constant movement. The Dantiens are reservoir points for harnessing energy.


In some traditions it is referred to as Tan Tien. The line of energy that connects those points is often referred to as the hara line.


Lower Dantien (often referred to in Japan as hara): Located 3 finger widths below the navel and 2 finger widths deep. It is often seen as the centre of gravity in athletes.

In Chinese tradition, it is referred to as the "Golden Stove" where energy is refined and purified and cultured into vitality.


Middle Dantien: Located at the area of the Thymus. It is the "Storer of Spirit." It is not the chakra called the "high heart." It is a storage of energy aligned with the seat of the soul and the feel of living from purpose.


Upper Dantien: Located between the eyebrows, it is where the spirit is refined into "emptiness." This space doesn't store energy to teh degree of the lower dantien. It still needs to be in alignement with the line of the hara.


Top Dantien: Also known as individuation point. Looks like an upside down funnel 3.5 feet above head. Our first point of disconnect with God and the claiming on the individual identity.


Fuelling the Pathways

(Taking intention through the Hara line and Dantiens)


What is purpose? It is the expression of your True Frequency in manifestation in the world where there is action and exchange for your flow. You are gaining lessons and experiences that are in alignment with your soul.


Create an intention statement, E.G.

  • I am living in alignment with my self on all levels.
  • I am able to create what I need.
  • I am in relationship with a partner that is aligned with me on all levels.
  • My business is highly successful and in alignment with the earth's consciousness.
  • I am in true expression of my power, wisdom and essence.

Intention Statement Meditation:

  1. Focus on the Hara line.
  2. Take attention to Earth Star below the feet and honour your connection with the Earth and your decision to incarnate at this time.
  3. Bring attention to the Lower Dantien and draw energy from the Earth (support) to fuel and strenghten this intention statement - feel it become warm / strong.
  4. Move attention to the Middle Dantien - call in our connections in our seen and unseen worlds this helps to keep us supported, on track and in the flow of ease and joy.
  5. Move up in to the Upper Dantien and open into the great void, as the great void opens, ask our Higher Self or Spirit Guidance to show you the next step for you or any visuals that can help you keep moving forward.
  6. Allow the energy to continue to the Top Dantien to engage briefly with that point with intention statement.
  7. Return to the Lower Dantien and feel strength and decision to live by intention statement.