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 Energetic Health and Healing - online content and training

Beginning 9th March 2022 

Would you like to strengthen your innate ability to feel, experience & work with energies?

Would you like to gain clarity about how YOU work with energy naturally?

Would you like to understand more about the body’s Energy System?          

Experience the benefits of working with energy. You will gain a clearer understanding of the body’s basic energy systems, learn tools to help your family & friends and discover how to work on ourselves.

We will discover the unique way you work with or experience energies and have ‘hands on’ experiences with chakras, the auric field and the central column of energy. You will be able to explore the way you work with energy. This is a very practical workshop even though it is online.      


  • Assist in awakening your innate ability to feel, experience & work with energies
  • Assist in awakening your inner knowingness of how to work
  • As each topic has a practical element – everyone will enjoy a deep energy healing

Course Content:

  • What is the energy body? Why do I need to know?
  • Unravelling the thought “But I can’t feel energies” and discovering how we work
  • Understanding & experiencing the chakras and their role
  • Understanding the shushumna (the central column of energy), its purpose & its connection to the light body
  • Use of colour in healing
  • The auric field, its layers, holes & healing
  • Understanding and balancing the Earth Star – the holder of information
  • Understanding and balancing the Transpersonal Point – the link
  • Instilling confidence and certainty that you ‘Can Do’!

Live Training:  There will be a one day experience where you will be able to put into practise your healing abilities while guided by Penny. This will be offered separately. 


“I just had a major career change and only after today did I realise how much negative energy I was carrying from an unhealthy working environment. Penny is a master in her field - the course is practical and profoundly beneficial with techniques I will definitely use.”
-Laura (artist)

“A fantastic day to find vitality and balance without coming through the mind. It opens the subtler senses and deepens connection to each other and to the Universe and to life! Penny is a remarkable healer with extensive knowledge backed up by practical experience and that essential ingredient that is essential in all alchemy. Love.”
- Zoe (actress)

“I found belief that I am capable of feeling others and myself on a real deep level. Most of what I felt was immense Love that can heal everything.”
- Roseanne (Mother)

“Penny’s workshop is more than informative, it is illuminating, shedding light on areas that after discussion and workshop, feel free. A beautiful experience. I hope to repeat it.”
- Raf (Musician)

“The energies workshop helped me enormously to disconnect from what has been a very hectic last few weeks. It reminded me of who I REALLY am and the softness that lies at my core. When you are practicing it becomes so obvious that we are made up of various energies and these need to be loved and taken care of. It again reminds me of how easily we lose sight of this when confronted with the rigours of daily life. I will be back.”
-Damon (actor)


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Metaphysics Of Business / Career / Work

A Course to Mesh Metaphysical Concepts into your Work

Will be available online from June 2022

This course is for current and upcoming business owners and those who are wishing to change careers / attract a new type of work environment. 

Course outline:

Concept 1: Creation in the new paradigm: understanding dimensional frequency and harnessing the freedom and flow within this zone

Concept 2: Identifying your signature: looking at the process of creation from understanding the power and velocity of the heart space through giving and receiving

Concept 3: ;Building magnetics: working directly with our own magnetic line and learning how to activate it, heal it, project it, build its strength. This line is essential in the law of attraction

Concept 4: Identifying the team: calling to you, your team in a range of dimensions

Concept 5: Anchoring consciousness: looking at the 3 main areas of life that impact the anchoring of a chosen consciousness in our field

Concept 6: Building energy: uncovering the blocks in energy so the velocity is fluid

Concept 7: Owning the business: identifying how and why you and your business are one frequency

Concept 8: Sequence through time: using the concept of time travel to bring a sequence into play

Concept 9: Unlocking promotion: using a range of energies to create promotion materials


“I absolutely loved Penny's Metaphysics of Business Course! The course gave me knowledge and the 'how' to help my business move forward in a very practical, supportive and uplifting way. I feel more focused and clear on the direction of my business (and myself) than ever before.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to create a new business or improve their existing business”
- Justine Watt (New Leaf Healing)

“Thank you so much for the inspiring Metaphysics of Business course. It helped me to clarify the way that I work. To work with more authenticity. To really listen with more than my ears to what my clients really wanted to say and do. My path changed during the course and that was because I was safely able to explore the alternatives that were available to me and choose what suited me best at that time”
- Amanda (Amagio Consulting)


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Accessing your Chakras and their POWER 

The online version will be available by June 2022

This 10 part course opens our eyes to our own inner power. We gain insight into how our energy works, how well it flows, what a ‘block' is and how to release it, what comprises our subtle anatomy and how to be the ‘Boss’ of your own energy field.

Part 1: Revise the purpose of meditation and learn useful techniques; discovering the Shushumna (central column of energy that runs through the body) meditation and a relaxation meditation

Part 2 : Understanding & clearing the layers of our Aura, accessing and working with our Spirit Guides and learning simple healing techniques

Part 3: Aligning and stabilising the Base chakra, becoming clear on support networks, journey to our Earth Star to enjoy a deeper connection with our Earth

Part 4: Connecting to the sexuality within our Sacral chakra, becoming aware of partnerships, magnetism and emotion

Part 5: Exploring the personal power within the Solar Plexus, bringing forward natural power and accessing 'knowingness'

Part 6: Moving into the Heart and connecting with the range of feelings and the essence of us

Part 7: Opening to the expression of the Throat chakra, sitting with the sensation of truth with self and how that moves into daily life

Part 8: Acknowledging perception within the 3rd Eye, connecting the meaning of this and exploring our vision for the future.

Part 9: Connecting to the inspiration of the Crown (the corridor to our Higher Self) and experiencing the divine nature of the self and its true inspiration

Part 10: Sitting in the space of one's own Divinity, using breath and stillness to engage with deep inner wisdom


“This meditation course was definitely a catalyst for change! With Penny’s warmth, support and wonderful energy, I found it easy to build meditation into my life. In 10 chapters, I feel healthier, happier and have more energy for life.”
- Sarah (Lawyer)

"I’ve thought of you often since finishing your zoom meditation workshop and want to thank you again for all your teachings and guidance. Each session left me feeling more centered, and connected to those around me and for that I’m so grateful. You presented such a lovely balance of simple and more advanced work. I enjoyed the “challenge” of some of your more complex meditations and continue to use many of your simpler techniques with my young boys. So from all of us, a huge thanks!"
- Florette (busy mother)

‘Penny has a unique way of teaching meditation. She charts your knowledge of your personal energy and body space before slowly teaching you how to take good care of the whole being with simple and practical meditations. Each session will restore your personal energy and improve your clarity of mind and relationships.’
- Amy (sales)


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House / Space Clearing

 Will be available online from July 2022

In this program you will discover what could be lurking in your home or office beyond what your eyes can see.

Here we will explore what these different energies may feel like so that you are more able to diagnose the vibrations yourself. 

There will be simple tools and tasks that will gently guide you to cleanse these energies from your space. 

We will also learn about a range of methods in cleansing including:

  • Different of smoking techniques eg Eucalytpus, Palo Santo, Sage, Frankincense and what is best for each purpose
  • The use of sounds to raise vibration
  • Utilising the helpful energies of Nature Spirits to balance energies in a space.
  • Specific meditations to cleanse spirits
  • Specific meditations to cleanse stuck energies or residue from previous tenants 
  • Understanding the impact of EMR on vibration


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Working with Nature Spirits

Will be available online from July 2022

Such a joyful topic!! Working with Nature Spirits is certainly entertaining. Here we will explore how we can access Nature Spirits in our daily lives to help to shift energy within ourselves and our environment.

We will explore the dynamic nature, purpose and access points of:

  • Undines (water spirits)
  • Sylphs (air spirits)
  • Salamanders (fire spirits)
  • Gnomes (Earth spirits)

Each have their own way of connecting with us and aspects of service. It certainly creates joy when working with these delightful Beings. 


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