Energy Healing

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A personal Energy Balance is a very relaxing experience. The client lays on the table fully clothed as the Practitioner slowly moves around the body gently engaging with the clients energy body and chakras. 


Everybody experiences healing differently but most commonly, the client can feel gentle, calming swirls of energy, heat or a sense of ‘energy lifting off ‘ as the energy travels about their body, guided by the Practitioner.


The Practitioner is focused on restoring the energy pathways that may be blocked, distorted or over used. This is through seeing/feeling the energy centres of the body as well as other currents of energy including the Hara line, Earth and Soul star connection points.


A session may last between 20-40 minutes depending on what is being done.


At the conclusion of the session, the client often feels deeply relaxed and a lot lighter and clearer.


It is recommended that the client drink plenty of water after the session and wait about 15 minutes before they drive.

Distance Healing:

This can take some brain elastics to understand but we use a version of these techniques in daily life, eg, thinking of someone before they call, sending love and prayer to a sick friend, feeling someone's judgement of you when you enter a space etc.

We are working in the area of quantum physics on the principle that there is no 'dead space' and that we are all able to influence each other within a web of connection.
Distance Healing takes these principles and adds the understanding of the individual's energy field, to bring grounded flow of energy and a sense of clarity and lightness to their body and energy field. 
The science experiments that have been done to prove this point is best outlined in Dr. Emoto's work, "Hidden Messages in Water".
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“I was amazed at how much better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I felt after only one session with Penny. It was as if a confused negative fog lifted and my path in life seemed clearer, easier and happier. My new found enthusiasm for life has continued months after the session and I feel much more focused on moving forward. Penny is a lovely person and a gifted Healer and I highly recommend her.”


– Geoff (Pharmacist)