In-Person Courses

Energetic Health and Healing Retreats

Must also be participating in the online components to be able to attend these retreats...

Retreats include dedicated time to explore the sensations of energy, diagnose these sensations, manage your own energy boundaries, explore the self in much greater depth with a range of processes and guided meditations ,  and loads of other exciting adventures into the Energy world!!

1-3rd April 2022

3-5th June 2022

They will begin at 8pm on a Friday night and conclude at 2pm on a Sunday and be based in Gerroa (about 15 min drive from Kiama). You will be required to arrange your own accommodation and all food except breakfast will be provided. 

This course is about embracing life with a Metaphysical understanding, from seeing our part in the matrix of energy and learning how to operate powerfully within it. It is about discovering a sense of purpose and expanding our skills and abilities in working with, seeing, feeling or hearing energies.

This course will enable the participant:

  • To have a grounded understanding of the Subtle energies bodies, how they influence our way of being, how to care for the self energetically and become more conscious of your interactions within this Living Universe (online content)
  • To have a solid ‘hands-on’ experience (retreats) with a range of energies (Angelic, Earth, Devic and Guide) and healing techniques
  • To be better equipped to clear and manage their own energy and feel more ‘in control’ of their own energy through greater awareness
  • Assist in treating/helping family and friends  (and clients),using healing techniques or emotional processing skills
  • To have techniques and skills to diagnose and clear spaces as well as set up energy grids
  • To have a greater understanding of the past life healing, inner child work and meditation in daily life
  • To have a broader grasp on metaphysical principles in life and how to feel more 'in charge'.

Retreat  Topics

First Retreat: Discovering the many ways we are able to work energetically and finding your way. Exploring the range of sensations in the layers of each of the chakras and diagnosing these sensations using your unique skill in 'sensing'. Feeling and 'healing' the different aspects to the dimensional subtle bodies, including the Hara Line and the outer body chakras. Exploring the Inner Child and its influence in present time. There will also be deep personal work related to these topics.

Second Retreat: Working actively with the Unseen team (Guides and Elementals); Past Life exploration, DNA Heirlooms and the role of regression; dimensional, deceased and off-world activity and our 5D world; Space Clearing revisited. There will also be deep personal work related to these topics.

Energetic Alignment Training - Two Day Course

Date: 14th- 15th May 2022

If you have completed the Energetic Alignment series of 12 sessions, then you would know how powerful this process is!!

You can learn to give this process to your family and friends over these 2 days and discover the true meaning behind each of the sessions. This is a fabulous weekend where a lot of what happened during YOUR Energetic Alignment process makes sense for you. 

This weekend is not just for those who wish to be practitioners , it is as though it is a 'session 13' where things 'land' for you in understanding the dimensional aspect of our Energy Body.