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Energetic Alignment Training - Two Day Course

Date: TBA

If you have completed the Energetic Alignment series of 12 sessions, then you would know how powerful this process is!!

You can learn to give this process to your family and friends over these 2 days and discover the true meaning behind each of the sessions. This is a fabulous weekend where a lot of what happened during YOUR Energetic Alignment process makes sense for you. 

This weekend is not just for those who wish to be practitioners , it is as though it is a 'session 13' where things 'land' for you in understanding the dimensional aspect of our Energy Body.


Introduction to Energy Healing - 'Hands-on' practise

This is part two of the training program and entirely optional.

During the day, we will explore the different feelings when working with a range of energies.

The aim is for you to feel confident sensing energies and understanding how to do a simple chakra balance. 

Enrolment requires that you have completed the online content.

Dates to be advised.

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