Graduate Program

(Encompassing the Practitioner Training)

First zoom class on Monday 19th April 7pm-9pm

Readings and other online content can begin beforehand.

This 4 module course is completed partially online as well as participating in Practical days (TBA). There will also be 4 x 30 min private zoom sessions with Penny during the course. 

As this is a deeply transformative course, enrolment is subject to a private conversation with Penny and not all applicants may find it is their time to participate. 

This course is about embracing life with a Metaphysical understanding, from seeing our part in the matrix of energy and learning how to operate powerfully within it. It is about discovering a sense of purpose and expanding our skills and abilities in working with, seeing, feeling or hearing energies.

This course will enable the participant:

  • To have a solid ‘hands-on’ experience with a range of energies (Angelic, Earth, Devic and Guide) and healing techniques
  • To be better equipped to clear and manage their own energy and feel more ‘in control’ of their own energy through greater awareness
  • Assist in treating/helping family and friends using healing techniques or emotional processing skills
  • To have techniques and skills to diagnose and clear spaces as well as set up energy grids
  • To have a greater understanding of the past life healing, inner child work and meditation in daily life
  • To have a broader grasp on metaphysical principles in life

Course Components

Module 1 

  • What is Energy Healing, history, purpose 
  • How do you work? What does being Spiritual mean? What is your driver?
  • Types of meditation and purposes
  • Codes of practice
  • Truth and Love
  • What is Higher Self, Spirit, Soul, Creation?
  • Earth cohesion
  • Subconscious mind
  • Subtle Anatomy
  • Energy Healing  (stage 1)
  • Space Clearing
  • Contact and working with Guides, how different Guides feel different
  • Crystals
  • The matrix, energy, vibration, control
  • Purpose

Module 2 

  • Healing techniques within the 9 main chakras - working with the layers and dimensions of these energy centres
  • Understanding the aura, its layers and keeping it clean
  • Moving energy through ourselves
  • Understanding the depth of the Soul Star
  • Working with the aspects of the Earth star
  • Working with the nadi system, cords, post operative care

Module 3 

  • The place of counselling in Energy Healing
  • Understanding life lessons, karma and subconscious and implants
  • Link between biochemistry and Energy healing on all layers of the field
  • Working with the deceased
  • Understanding purpose and process of past life regression

Module 4 

  • Space Clearing (stage 2)
  • Working with clients (stage 2) 
  • Remote healing
  • Working with the Elementals
  • Working with the Angelic realm


"Firstly, how fortunate am I to do this course at this point of my life. Blessed, absolutely blessed. I am Alive / Awake / Aware. I have the certainty to make difficult decisions from a grounded space, a true space. I have much to learn but I feel better equipped to learn it through truth. There is unmatched value in participating in this course. The teachings, the growth, the experiences are a supercharger of growth and change!"
- Trevor

"This course has changed my life! The way I work with clients is night and day. I feel much more grounded in the way that I work. This course has challenged all my previous learnings for the better. My relationships with friends and family has shifted and grown and developed in different ways. I’m holding my own space and owning who I am. Learning more and more to step into my power! I feel like I’m not hiding who I am anymore. This is so freeing and powerful" 
- Justine

"This course has opened me in ways I never thought would be possible"
- Iliana

"The course is intense on a personal level but the benefits the growth I have gone through this year outweighs any of the difficulties faced in working on myself so intensely. The course has allowed me to see the authenticity in my life. To shift out of the old things that I no longer needed. I have changed jobs, treated my body differently, let go of old friends and have learnt how to open my heart" 
- Tanya

"My confidence has grown exponentially. I never thought I could do or feel the things I have felt during the healings, not within the space of a year! This course has had a profound affect on my life. I have had major shifts in many areas of my life"
- Sandra

"In daily life I am much more aware of both my own needs and also the ability to not take on other’s energy so much. From day one I immediately felt like ‘wow’ these other people were just like me in so many ways. To be part of a group of like minded people felt great"
- Julianne

"This course has given me tools to heal myself, given me confidence in my feel/ see ability, helped me to ground and connect differently to the earth and helped me change my job roles"
- Prue

"Dearest Penny, Thank you for seeing the light within us and nurturing the seed as we grow into the best we can be. Like a gardener you feed our spirits and remind us of our origin so we grow and develop in our unique way. Deep gratitude for the work you do. Much love"


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