Interactive Online Courses  2022

Energetic Health and Healing

Online Classes include 9 x 90min zoom fortnightly classes on a Wednesday nights 7:30-9pm beginning 9/3/22. They will be recorded and loaded onto the Student Portal where you can access any time. There will be home exercises for you to explore and multiple meditations that you can access in this portal. 

First zoom class beginning Wednesday  9th March 2022   7:30pm-9pm

 This course is about embracing life with a Metaphysical understanding, from seeing our part in the matrix of energy and learning how to operate powerfully within it. It is about discovering a sense of purpose and expanding our skills and abilities in working with, seeing, feeling or hearing energies.

This course will enable the participant:

  • To have a grounded understanding of the Subtle energies bodies, how they influence our way of being, how to care for the self energetically and become more conscious of your interactions within this Living Universe (online content)
  • To have an understanding of a range of energies (Angelic, Earth, Devic and Guide) and healing techniques
  • To be better equipped to clear and manage their own energy and feel more ‘in control’ of their own energy through greater awareness
  • To have techniques and skills to diagnose and clear spaces as well as set up energy grids
  • To have an understanding of the past life healing, inner child work and meditation in daily life
  • To have a broader grasp on metaphysical principles in life and how to feel more 'in charge'.

Course Components

Online Topics Wednesdays 7:30-9pm 2022 zoom

There will be meditations, further reading and content following each class. Participants are able to view the recorded class if they miss attendance but enrolment is for the full 9 classes.

9/3/22 Definitions; how healing works and what actually happens; understanding presence, protection, merging, expectations; grounding and clearing.

23/3/22 Subtle Energy Anatomy

6/4/22 The Unconscious Mind, Inner Child and Beliefs and how it impacts energy

20/4/22 The Unseen Team and working Dimensionally 

4/5/22 Space Clearing

18/5/22 Shame, narcissists, DNA Heirlooms and how this impacts our health and ability to manifest

1/6/22 Spells and further Protection strategies

15/6/22 Crystals and oils

29/6/22 Running a Business Metaphysically

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Let's Get Grounded

A free online event

A one hour class to understand the concept if 'Grounding ' and exploring tips and tricks to become Centred faster.

The Mystic

 via zoom  over 8 weeks

Beginning TBA

Within the course we will:

  • Awaken depths to your sensory experiences
  • Connect to the ever present life force of the Elohim, Devas, Nature Spirits, Angelic Helpers, Ascended Masters and Animal Totems that relate to you.
  • Work with them in our daily lives for Purification, Power and Creation.
  • Question where we place our Personal Power in the world and what are we energetically hooked into?
  • Work consciously with our Energy Body to build strength and our Merkaba
  • Work with the Universal Laws for traction of 'Purpose'.
  • Create Rituals and Mandalas that reflect the inner you
  • Explore new dimensions to being 'Grounded'
  • Explore the Aboriginal communion with the Earth
  • … and more

Online access to this course for 12 months:

  • All confidentially recorded classes
  • Access to 16+ new meditations
  • Workbook and additional notes

We will have a private Facebook page to share mandalas, rituals and experiences.
This is an esoteric workshop.


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Identity Revealed

 online course 

Beginning TBA

There will be a student portal to watch content and access all meditations, exercises and reading materials  for 12 months.

Our reference point to our Truth is determined by the lens of how we see ourselves. What we identify as OURS. What if our reference point to ourselves wasn't actually accurate? What if you are running mindsets, actioning visions, trying to solve problems that are not ours?

As we move into the 5th Dimensional frequency where Intuition is our guide, we look at what may impact our access to our Intuition, what is the feel of the Eternal Self? Do we hold any fears of living from our vulnerability, our truth, our love?

Throughout this course, there will be range of meditations, discussion topics, writing exercises to help access the many aspects of the self.

The weekly topics include:

  1. Definitions and Dimensions
  2. Base Chakra and Epigenetics: Ancestral coding
  3. Sacral Chakra, Feminine Energy and Imprints
  4. Solar Plexus and Inner Child
  5. Heart Chakra, Divine Love and Sacred Contracts
  6. Throat Chakra and Implants
  7. Third Eye Chakra and Perceptions
  8. Crown Chakra and Collective Consciousness
  9. Past Lives
  10. Identity

Our aim is to disconnect, release, and heal these aspects that don't serve us and connect more deeply to the aspects that do. We then gain momentum to STAND in our clear connection with the Individual Identity and Path of the new age.

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The Unseen Team 

Date TBA

Learn how to work with your Spirit Guides, Angels and other friends ….. Out of fantasy land and into practicality.

We talk about these Beings often but do we really understand who we are referring to? 

We have an awesome fan club and team of helpers who are yearning to be of service to us and often we are too busy being busy to connect to these wonderful Beings.

In this fun workshop we will explore:

  • The difference in the feel of these three key energies
  • Our resistance to receiving their flow
  • HOW they work with us - this is most important as the more we are aware of our access channels, the easier our daily interactions become.
  • WHAT they do: finding lost objects, clearing spaces, increasing intuition, manifestation, ‘sight’, connections with deceased, giving us personal healing, advice, purposeful actions etc etc etc

No experience in this area is needed although some ability to centre yourself and become still, is required.

It is recommended to refrain from alcohol for 2 days prior to the workshop to assist in creating a clear mind.

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Unleash your Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Energies

Date: TBA

Together we will explore the difference between the Divine and the Corrupted energies of the Feminine and Masculine. We use meditations, exercises and discussions to lifts false beliefs (or fears), uncover our natural expressions of these intrinsic energies and chart a path ahead to keep us safe and true to ourselves.  

Prior to the class, there will be an email of preparatory questions to contemplate before we begin. 

This course requires some degree of experience in personal work and will require participants to be able to be connected and truthful with themselves.

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House / Space Clearing

Date: TBA

In this program you will discover what could be lurking in your home or office beyond what your eyes can see.

Here we will explore what these different energies may feel like so that you are more able to diagnose the vibrations yourself. 

There will be simple tools and tasks that will gently guide you to cleanse these energies from your space. 

We will also learn about a range of methods in cleansing including:

  • Different of smoking techniques eg Eucalytpus, Palo Santo, Sage, Frankincense and what is best for each purpose
  • The use of sounds to raise vibration
  • Utilising the helpful energies of Nature Spirits to balance energies in a space.
  • Specific meditations to cleanse spirits
  • Specific meditations to cleanse stuck energies or residue from previous tenants 
  • Understanding the impact of EMR on vibration
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