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Space Clearing

Please send through a enquiry form to book an onsite appointment with Penny Short. 

Alternatively ... you can book a Distance Space Clearing with Julie Sullivan using a Biofeedback device 

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Often people can feel as if a room, house or space has an unsettled feel and upon entry, their hairs will stand up on the back of their neck. They may have difficulty sleeping in that room or feel creepy, suffocated and tight chested. It may even feel as if one becomes more argumentative after they enter a particular space. These are all indications that the room/house has some trapped disharmonious energy.


These spaces can sometimes clear themselves. Other times, this trapped energy is dense and needs to be worked with specifically. The unsettled space can be the result of violence, death, constant heated arguments, projected ill will, unstable land energies, high level EMR, long term resident who ‘owned’ the place and many other reasons.


These energies are cleared/stabilised by locating the source/cause of the disturbance and using focused projected energies to lift the frequency and clear the density. This is what makes the space look and feel brighter.


What we look for:


Electromagnetic Radiation emissions: these are electrical and magnetic wavelengths that can pass through the physical body. Most people can withstand some degree of these emissions. Young children and those who are stressed often tolerate lower levels as their bodies can go into a fight response or reaction (see effects)


Geopathic stress: the grid lines of energy, underground cavities and water veins etc that radiate from the earth have a positive ion emission that are stressful to the human body.


Deceased Beings: often these are people who have died and not crossed over properly. They have an attachment to the property or to the residents of that space.


Death Imprint: this is the energy residue of a person that has died in that space.


Residue from tenants: previous occupants can leave imprints of intense emotions and illness. Have you ever wondered why you are always fighting when you get into a new house or that everyone has been sick since you moved in?


Holographic Activity: there are different forms, these include:

  • A  simple form such as a hologram or energy signature of a repeated action eg: man living in a house for 40 years always sits on the verandah at night before bed. His hologram will be there even though he is now living in a Nursing Home.
  • More intentional form is when someone really wants to live/be with someone/something, they will project their energy/hologram into the space even though they may be living elsewhere
  • There are also other combined thought forms and interferences 





"After the clearing, there was a distict feeling of lightness in the clinic. It felt as though alot of heavy energy had been lifted and it was a catalyst for me getting things done. It cleared the way for me to start practicing in a way I knew was possible"


– Alison (Natropath)